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Challenge yourself or friends to achieve your long dreamed goals towards healthy life.



You Will Get Better With Your Healthy Habits Over Time.

You Will Get Better With Your Healthy Habits Over Time.

Create your profile

Answer simple profile questions in order to get started and follow your progress.

Follow your BMI

BMI (Body Mass Index) is a health indicator based on your height and weight. Set up them in your profile and see where you are in BMI scale.

Challenge yourself

Set up a weight and/or step count target to yourself and you are halfway done towards achieving them.

Challenge friends

Go one step further and challenge your friends towards weight loss or step count challenges and achieve your goals together.

Set up multiple goals

In a challenge, a single goal of weight loss or step count can be set as well as combining them. More challenge types are coming soon!

Follow your progress

You will still be able to see your overall progress in your profile even after your challenges are finished.

Challenge Your Friends!

Join our growing number of customers and succeed together.



Pricing Plan

It is free to start using the app. After 7 days of usage, if you like to continue using it, you can select from the below subscription options.

Monthly subscription

All features available for a month. Auto renewal after month ends.

$1.19 /month

Yearly subscription

All features available for a year. Auto renewal after year ends.

$11.90 /year

Install ChaCha App and Start Using

We aim to make you achieve your goals in a fun and sustainable way. Currently we support weight loss and daily step count goals and many more are coming soon!


Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, you can create challenges related to lose weight and step count. One challenge can contain one or more goals. Soon, we will be supporting more challenge goal types.

Currently, 20 people can join in a single challenge.

Because we are two software engineers who worked on this app very hard and want to work even more. To have a high-quality app without disturbing adds all over, we need to sell the app to a reasonable price. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Because we know that loosing too much weight is not healthy in one challenge. If you have a long-term goal to lose more than 10 kilos, we recommend you have several shorter period challenges. This will increase the likelihood of reaching your goals.

Go to "Challenges" page from the main tabs pane in the bottom of the page. Then, click the + sign on the top right corner to start creating a challenge. Then, you need to set challenge specific settings like duration, goal(s) etc.

After creating your challenge, click the “edit” button on the top right corner of the specific challenge’s page. There you will see several options for the challenge, one of which is “Invite Friends to Challenge”. Clicking that will create a link to invite friends to your challenge to be sent out.